Sunday, August 5, 2012

Region's winery world bigger than they know

Our friends at the Times Union recently discovered that there are wineries in the greater Capital Region (click here to read "all" about it).

Regretably, the story mentioned only Amici Vineyard in Valley Falls, Capoccia Vineyards & Winery in Niskayuna, Johnston's Winery in Galway and Saratoga Winery near Saratoga Springs. Hardly a full accounting for a story that one intends was supposed to be inclusive.

And, a quick check at, which bills itself as the "Guide to the Capital Region," lists only two "local" wineries, Adirondack and Saratoga.

For the record, there are others worth noting, such as:
And, that merely brings us to the arbitrarily-drawn borders of the greater Capital Region. A step or so over the imaginary boundaries and you begin seeing plenty more wineries -- for example, in the Hudson Valley where the 10-member Shawangunk Wine Trail reigns, and in the Lake Champlain region as well.

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