Monday, September 24, 2012

Buddha opening blocked by a reality check

ALBANY -- First, one group announced the debut of a nightclub called Buddha & Zen Lounge the weekend of September 22. Then, another group, saying those people had no connection with what actually should be referred to as the restaurant-nightclub Buddha Tea House, also announced a debut for the same weekend.

As it turned out, nothing was opened by anyone over the weekend at 69 North Pearl Street. That's because the city revoked the cabaret license of whatever the business really is.

"The permit, necessary for bars and clubs that wish to feature live music, DJs or karaoke, was rescinded because the business was advertising online for parties and other events not covered by the cabaret license, according to Jeffery Jamison, director of the city’s Division of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance," according to Times Union blogger Steve Barnes. "Specifically, he said, since-removed Facebook pages promoted Thursday-night parties dubbed This Is College Life that, starting this week, were to be held in Buddha Tea’s basement room, called Club Zen.

" 'They don’t have a (certificate of occupancy) for the basement,' Jamison said, meaning it could not be opened to the public. Further, he said, the basement room was outside the scope of the cabaret permit issued to Buddha Tea, which covered only the ground floor."

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