Thursday, December 6, 2012

Update: The annoyance of being a cash cow

Update: See that last sentence below? Apparently "they" didn't. Once agin, we dined together, I supplied cash, "they" scooped it up and used their credit card for the entire bill, thus accruing a wad of currency and card points.

Originally published November 17, 2012.

TROY -- While enjoying a nice lunch at the Plum Blossom on Friday -- delicious grilled shrimp over spinach noodles with a red curry coconut cream sauce -- I inadvertently overheard something that drives me mad.

A group of six or so was seated at a table near me, and it was obvious to anyone within earshot when the bill was presented that one person immediately took charge, and seemed very experienced in doing so.

He quickly divvied up the bill, told each person what they owed and asked them to ante up the cash in the middle of the table. They did, then he did what I hate.

He scooped up the cash, presented his credit card to the server for the entire bill and gleefully exclaimed, "Now I don't have to go to the ATM after lunch!"

In other words, this guy was using everyone else for his personal convenience, and in the bargain gained any points, miles or whatever reward that particular credit card offered.

I have acquaintances who always do the same thing. They never have enough cash when it comes to splitting the check -- and I mean never in the decades I have known them -- but always willingly grab my cash and use their credit card, sucking up the bonus points and the convenience of now having enough cash.

Hope they read this.

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