Sunday, December 2, 2012

A recommendation (UNDER DURESS, DAMMIT!)

The captive cat.
ALBANY -- Although I have the utmost respect for other food bloggers, I prefer that you ignore them to the Nth degree and pay attention to me and ONLY ME, DAMMIT, UNDERSTAND???

Sorry, I got carried away.

Anyway, despite my preferences I find myself in the situation of recommending -- GET AWAY FROM ME! I'M DOING IT! -- a report by the TU Pine Hills blog on the new Green Leaf Cafe in Albany.

It's not the sort of establishment that meets my culinary tastes, but the blog makes it sound attractive. It's located at 217 Western Avenue, previously occupied by such establishments as Chicken Joe's and Pepper Jack's. Go here for details.

(OK, JERKS, NOW RELEASE MY CAT!!! And, your grammar and punctuation, in the rare instances in which they actually show up, are horrendous.)

Go here for the region’s best local food & drinks events calendar.

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