Friday, December 21, 2012

'Bar Rescue' to make 3rd-season debut in February

John and Nicole Taffer.
In a "reality" cable TV niche that has become very crowded in just a few years, Jon Taffer is doing just fine, thank you.

The bar and nightclub consultant's "Bar Rescue" series has been renewed for a third season by Spike TV, with the first of 20 episodes scheduled to premier at 9 p.m. Sunday, February 10.

With Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Robert Irvine, Willie Degel and others churning out "gotcha" shows that help faltering bars, restaurants, caterers and others in the hospitality industry, it may seem difficult to stand out.

Taffer does it by being, big, bold, firm and knowledgeable, managing to avoid the Ramsay potty-mouth style that makes the bombastic Brit's shows pretty hard to stomach.

Taffer and his team will make stops in cities all over the country, to investigate why businesses are failing, what kinds of changes need to be made in personnel, service, atmosphere and business practices, and do it with a strong jaw jutting out at the miscreants who always wind up fawning all over him after initially resisting change.

In the February season debut, says Spike TV, "Taffer and his crew of experts trying to save Turtle Bay on New Orleans’ iconic Bourbon Street. After years of disrepair, mismanagement, and a prolonged legal battle with a neighboring bar, despite tremendous amounts of foot traffic, the bar has fallen on hard times and risks shuttering its windows. Taffer must find a way to make Turtle Bay stand out on one of the most densely packed streets in the world in terms of drinking establishments, and save the bar from big trouble in the Big Easy."

Taffer's wife, Nicole, who often does some undercover work for him, will return as will mixologist Joe Brooke, chef Brian Duffy of CBD Solution, and hospitality consultant Jesse Barnes.

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