Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Local foodie bloggers? We're fine, thank you

Capital Region foodies, you are one lucky demographic.

For an area of relatively modest population, there -- to badly paraphrase "There Be Dragons" film director/writer Roland Joffee -- be a solid core of good food bloggers here.

I particularly cite the likes of Albany Jane (hands-down the prettiest among us) who writes Albany Eats, or Daniel Berman (tied with me for most impressive male-pattern baldness among local culinary bloggers) and his FUSSYlittleBLOG, or Celina Ottaway (arguably the most patient because of teaching journalism AND being a mom) at Celina Bean. And, of course, my former longtime Times Union colleague Steve Barnes at Table Hopping, whose major media platform automatically gives him the highest visibility. (Ah, I remember it well.)

There are others, of course, but our quintet is the top echelon. Each has a special niche, but as a group we complement each other in that we are well versed in things food and drink, represent a variety of generations, are a well-traveled and curious bunch, and we are armed with some knowledge of spelling, grammar and syntax. The latter attribute can't be lightly regarded, considering the generally pathetic state of communication aided and abetted by Facebook, Twitter, texting, etc.

All of this unsolicited group-self-praise comes about because I noticed Berman is in France, right after conducting a clever little tour of Albany's best-regarded mozzarella sticks emporiums. A fine example of versatility? True dat. Go here to read all about it.

Go here for the region’s best local food & drinks events calendar.

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