Thursday, December 27, 2012

New storefront Chatham Brewing's 1st expansion step

CHATHAM -- The growing reputation of Chatham Brewing has led to ... well, the growing of Chatham Brewing.

The microbrewery has just opened a storefront operation at 59 Main Street, which had been home to an ice cream parlor. The move is step one in a gradual relocation-expansion project that will move the operation from its current one-room brewery at 30 Main (literally at the end of the alley between No. 20 and 22 Main).

The storefront has been designated an indoor winter farmers’ market, according to owners Tom Crowell and Jake Cunningham, which allows them to sell growlers and other items such as T-shirts and mugs. Vendors also sell items from Full Field Farm of North Chatham such as sausage, pork, veal and chicken; Old Chatham Sheepherding Company's specialty cheeses and items from Artisan Candles of Chatham. Additional vendors are being recruited.

When the brewing operation moves out of its current alley location by spring 2013, production is expected to increase sevenfold. A small brewing operation will be located in the front retail space for specialty brews, with major beer production in the back.

The store hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays only. Beers are sold in growlers, kegs, pony kegs (quarter-barrel) corny kegs (2½ gallons), or bubba kegs (52-ounce).The first customer to arrive each Saturday is treated to a free taste of all the beers being sold that day.

Crowell and Cunningham have been making beer since 1997. This year, Chatham Brewing won the Matthew Vassar Cup for "Best Craft Beer Brewery in the Hudson Valley" at TAP New York, the state’s largest craft beer festival and competition.

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  1. "Nice" writes:

    I wish them the best of luck, tough store to stay open in. Also, they need to refine their recipes a bit, but they have some promise.

    I look forward to stopping by at some point when I hit Peint ’o' Gwrw across the street some weekend.

  2. Angelina writes:

    Wow! So glad to hear theyre growing. Love their beer!

  3. LouisXIV writes:

    Thanks for this update — and for all the great information.