Sunday, December 9, 2012

The latest entry in 'Odd Food Phrases'

• I've seen so many attempts at "being different" with language in food reviews, on foodie blogs, etc., of late that I've decided to share the most offbeat with you. Here's the latest.

OK, I won't quibble with this print reviewer's use of the oddly spelled "pattapan" squash which universally is known as patty pan squash. Perhaps there is some evidence to support such use. Perhaps.

But, one phrase in the same review that qualifies for this category is the description of a dish as being "rich without lassitude."

Considering that the definition of lassitude (noun) is "a state of physical or mental weariness," and synonyms are "exhaustion," "fatigue" and "weariness," what that would have to do with the richness of a food escapes me.

An earlier phrase:

•  Deftly handled toast

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