Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Update: Troy's late-night Brown Bag in growth mode

Pineapple salsa bacon burger
Update from a 12/31/12 Facebook posting:

"Within the next few weeks we will have an online ordering app enabled which will allow you to order your food ahead of time from the comfort of your bar stool, couch, or wherever you happen to be and you'll get a text message back telling you when to pick it up! No more waiting if you don't have time! ... Soon we will also have a larger storage area and prep area as well as a larger kitchen with more grill space ... ."

(Story originally published December 28, 2012)

TROY -- The city's only true really-really-late-late-night eatery has expanded its hours.

The Brown Bag, a burgers-and-fries-and-other-stuff joint at Ferry and 4th Street downtown that marked its first anniversary last month, now is open from 5 p.m. to 6 am. seven days a week.

This is the spot to go for outrageous burger specials as well as other inexpensive goodies: hot dog grilled cheese ($3.75), 2 fried eggs and cheese on a hardroll ($2.75), BLT ($4.25), etc.

The specialty burgers they've come up with range from the South Troy Burger  (with peanut butter and bacon, on a glazed donut) to the Lansingburger (a burger between two pancakes with bacon, and maple syrup on the side).

The chocolate chip cookies and french fries are house-made. For those who need to feel virtuous to offset all this stuff, they also serve grilled seasonal veggies as a side order.

All prices include, as the menu says, the "guvners' cut" of 8% state sales tax.

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