Friday, January 25, 2013

Some online menus still in for a bad spell

[Classic Jack Ziegler cartoon from The New Yorker.]
If the food is good, most of the time I can forgive the menu misspellings, especially if we're talking overcoming a language barrier.

When the Internet was new and many businesses were just getting the hang of using it to promote their businesses, the number of horror-show menus put online was appalling. Many were replete with misspellings, erroneous descriptions and other offenses.

Being held up to ridicule seems to have made some difference. I peruse literally dozens of online menus each week, and I'm pleased to report that things are getting better. Much better.

However, in browsing through some online menus at well-established local restaurants this week, I came across these horrific manglings of the language (underlines are mine):

  • "Steak Maffioso - 14 oz. Delmonico stead cooked to perfection, smothered with onions, mushrooms, and hot peppers sauteed in carlic and olive oil. A real treat."
  • "Lobster Gai Kew - marinated lobster and chicken kind fried in egg white, sauteed with selected vegetable."
  • "Mixed chard greens - Raisans, candied walnuts , goat cheese , balsamic and honey vinegarette." 
  • "Fettucine Alfredo - ... with chicken breast for extra."
  • "Antipasto - Platter of salami, cappicolla, provolone ... "
  • "Minestra Greens and Beans style  - Sauteed escarole in garlic, oil and chilies  with shallots, cannelloni beans and pancetta finished with Grana Padano cheese."
Obviously, work remains to be done.

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