Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Price Chopper deli reversal a tasty development

One of the things that made me a supermarket flip-flopper was Price Chopper's decision in mid-2009 to emphasize Boar's Head deli products while de-emphasizing the range of choices available to consumers.

I quickly switched from being a Price Chopper regular with occasional side trips to Hannaford to being a Hannaford regular, where the deli counter varieties and brands are wide-ranging.

PC later cutting its gasoline discount program by 50% didn't exactly lure me back, either, despite the company's claim that it would be reducing prices on some items with the money it was saving. I didn't feel like investing the time to do a comprehensive survey of precisely what prices were reduced and whether they were on any items of interest to me.

So, it comes as interesting news that what PC calls a "distribution problem" has led the chain to drop the Boar's Head brand in favor of Dietz & Watson with some Plainville, Sara Lee and Margherita products thrown in. That's a changeover that is in the works, scheduled to be completed within a few weeks.

How will that sit with customers? As with the initial decision, time will tell.

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