Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Despite Sandy damage, Red Hook Winery reopening

Snyder surveys storm damage.
BROOKLYN -- Talk about perseverance. Just four months after being blindsided by Hurricane Sandy, the Red Hook Winery has announced a March 1 reopening of its tasting room.

Owner  Mark Snyder said the winery, located in the middle of Pier 41 on the  Brooklyn waterfront, was hit by the storm from both sides. Hundreds of  barrels of wine were upended, many split open, and the wine ruined.

Overall,  damage to the structure, equipment and stock was estimated to be $1.5  million, with three years' worth of work, including the 2012 harvest,  demolished.

Snyder cites the quick turnaround being made possible  by the efforts of many volunteers who showed up on a daily business to  help rebuild.

"The city's been good. Federal as I said gets an  'F.' They haven't done much for the businesses in this area," Snyder  said in an interview with NY-1, echoing the sentiments of many business  people and home owners in the region.

Luckily, a number of bottles  of wine had been stored off-premises, so Snyder had some stock to  replenish the tasting room while new inventory is being created.

The  Red Hook Winery was founded in 2008 by Snyder, a native of Brooklyn. As  many as 15 different New York vineyards supply his grapes, and as many  as 26 wines per vintage are made on premises by the small handcrafted  operation.

The formal address is Pier 41, 325A, 175-204 Van Dyke Street. Phone: (347) 689-2432.

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