Monday, February 18, 2013

In new phase, there still is a Mahar's

The Castleton location.
ALBANY -- And the change is under way.

The last day for Mahar's, the blue-collar beer emporium that has operated at 1110 Madison Avenue for the past 24 years, was Sunday. It will be succeeded by another bar planned by the new owners of the building.

However, those who don't mind driving 11 miles to continue the Mahar's tradition still can visit the other Mahar's, located at 14 South Main Street in Castleton. It operates from 4 p.m. to midnight every day except Sunday. Phone: 336-4013. (Don't go looking for any information beyond that on the company website. It hasn't been touched in a long time.)

Jim Mahar's original, now-closed location has been lauded by numerous local reviewers as well as major industry publications such as Beer Advocate for its extensive lineup of beers, ales, porters and the like.

BM&T Managament will transform the Madison Avenue spot as Madison Pour House, with a projected June opening.

BM&T, which includes Michael and Brian Viglucci and Tony Lounello, also own four other Madison Avenue businesses: The Point Restaurant and Lounge, Cafe Madison — next door to Mahar’s, Juniors, and Pub 869 as well as Spinners on Picotte Drive, Stone Crow on Yates Street, and BM&T Catering.

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  1. I'm not sure where you are getting your information about the Castleton Mahars hours. But I was just there last week and the sign they have out front has the following:

    Sunday to Thursday: Noon to 8PM
    Friday and Saturday: Noon to 10PM

    With a disclaimer on the bottom that reads:

    We will be adjusting our hours as business dictates but we will be open at least during these hours.

  2. Simple source, Daniel: The Mahars website is designed to provide info for both Mahars, and those are the hours listed with no differentiation between the two venues. That's where. Thanks for the update.

  3. George W. Side Bush writes:

    All porters are ales, all ales are beer. What about lagers? More importantly, will the new Mahar's keep the beer your going?

  4. George: The Rensselaer venue is not a new location. And, it's Mahars without the apostrophe.

  5. Chad9976 writes:

    I believe the Castleton location’s hours are something like noon to 10pm daily. But there’s no mention of it on either of their two websites (they also apparently registered but it hasn’t been updated in years).

    Their Facebook page says 4-midnight M-Sat but those are the hours of the Albany location. I’m guessing they haven’t updated that since the closure.

  6. Fushetti writes:

    The Castleton location is excellent. I live equidistant to both places and if you haven’t ventured to Castleton, do yourself a favor and go. Easy ride down 9J from Rensselaer/EGreenbush.