Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remaining Mahars keeping world beer tour for now

CASTLETON -- If you feel you've been detoured from your world beer tour at the former Mahars tavern in Albany, don't fret.

Owner Jim Mahar tells me "the Albany tour will be honored for at least the next month."

That is, at the remaining Mahars location at 14 South Main Street in this Rensselaer County village.

"The future of the Albany tour and the hours [in Castleton] will be determined based on how many customers venture south."

The original Mahars closed after a 24-year run when the Delaware Avenue building housing it was sold to a competitor.

Mahars' world beer tour is a no-time-limit journey that awards prizes to patrons as they reach certain levels of brands tasted: a souvenir T-shirt after 50 beers, an engraved mug and 20% draft discount after 125 beers, a case of beer after 200 beers, and an engraved brass plaque after 500 beers.

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  1. jeff writes:

    My question is why would anyone travel to Castleton from Albany for beer when there are so many in the city that has them now and and you’re not treated rudely by the owner.

  2. Jeff, you’re making the assumption that only Albany residents patronized the original Mahar’s.