Sunday, February 24, 2013

The latest entry in 'Odd food phrases'

• Good taste doesn't necessarily mean good writing. I've seen so many attempts at "being different" with language in food reviews, on foodie blogs, etc., that I periodically share the most offbeat with you.

Someone blogging for The Record of Troy under the name "Average Joe" likes to differentiate himself from the professional writers in the Capital Region covering the food and drink scene.

He also separates himself from the English language by letting people know, as he describes himself in the third person:

"satisfying his palette doesn't have to come with pretension."

A palette, of course, is the board used by artists to mix paint colors. What Average Joe was trying to say was palate, the roof of the mouth and a word often used to describe a range of tastes. Not knowing the difference between one's taste and a board isn't confidence building.

Earlier phrases:

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