Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update 2: Paula Deen's empire keeps on crumbling

Update 2 (6/26/13): Paula Deen was dropped by Wal-Mart today and her name was stripped from four Las Vegas buffet restaurants hours after she appeared on TV to tearfully defend herself against ... herself. See the TV appearance below.

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Update (6/24/13): Smithfield Foods today said it is dropping Paula Deen as a spokeswoman. That decision came days after the Food Network said it would not renew the celebrity cook's contract because of revelations of her use of racial slurs. In addition, QVC officials say they're reviewing the shopping channel's deal to sell her cookbooks and cookware; Sears says it is "exploring next steps as they pertain to Ms. Deen's products"; an announcement was expected today or tomorrow from Wal-Mart; Las Vegas-based Caesars Entertainment Corporation, which has Deen's restaurants in some of its casinos, said it "will continue to monitor the situation," and the publishing house Ballantine, which has a new Deen book scheduled to come out in the fall, used a similar phrase.

Here is one early report that helped broaden public awareness of Deen's comments.

And, here is a Deen team-edited video apology with some commentary.

(Originally published 6/23/13.)

This photo in Sunday's NY Times shows a crowd in front of Paula Deen's Savannah, GA, restaurant. They gathered to protest the Food channel's decision to drop her after she became embroiled in a controversy over racist remarks. Notice what many of them have in common?

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  1. Paul Vertucci (on Facebook):

    It's like the Chick-fil-a fiasco a few years ago; people stand in line to see a company make more money because the CEO doesn't believe in gay marriage. Paula Dean makes racist comments and people support her and she makes more money because of it.

  2. Nick Cook (on Facebook):

    Obese white people. Just like Paula deen. Good for the food network, she's awful.

  3. Dominic Colose (on Facebook):

    A strong fashion sense?

  4. Chad Polenz (on Facebook):

    a picture from 1978?

  5. Terry Lewis (on Facebook):

    all white

  6. Eddie Hoos (on Facebook):

    All white AND large.

  7. Dan Mcbain (on Facebook):

    No motorized wheelchairs? WTF!

  8. Anthony Dowd (on Facebook):

    The first person in line is black. No, not the employee.

  9. Maureen Rene Lundberg (on Facebook):

    No, Bill ... they are IFO WallMart

  10. Pk Miller (on Facebook):

    Appropriate enough for people watching the FOOD Channel!

  11. Lori Van Buren (on Facebook):

    Looks like they like to cook with a lot of butter like she does.

  12. You're an astute bunch of observers. If anyone else cares to comment, feel free to do so.

  13. Julie OConnor (via Facebook):

    Yeah.. but it's [Smithfield]owned by the Chinese.. if she said that about Afro-Americans.. you can only wonder what she would say about them.

  14. Actually, Smithfield is NOT owned by "the Chinese" yet. Negotiations between Smithfield and the Chinese company called Shuanghui International must pass review by the Committee on Foreign Investment In the United States (CFIUS), a panel of government agencies tasked with clearing deals for national security.

    As I've written earlier, if that deal goes through, I'm resigning as a Smithfield customer. I don't like doing business with an entity from a nation that is waging technological war on us, and flooding our market with shoddy, sometimes-poisonous products.

  15. Julie OConnor (via Facebook):

    I was watching CNBC today and there was a sense that it was a done deal.

  16. Azra Haqqie (via Facebook):

    I was never a big fan of Paula Deen, but I admired her for getting her life together after a failed marriage. Then the diabetes incident and now this...I don't know how things will go for her now.

  17. Lee Greenberg (va Facebook):

    maybe she can partner with Martha Stewart

  18. Richard Lovrich (via Facebook):

    Her behavior is that of survivor, plain and simple, with not much subtlety that I can discern. She has had a very long run and perhaps it is time for her to return to her base and not forage out into the general public. Such exiles to one's home have happened to far better intentioned people.


  19. Estelle Chase (va Facebook):

    Shame on Paula in this day and age.

  20. Richard Lovrich (via Facebook):

    There is an infantilist FU in Paula's fans, one, which I think she does not personally subscribe to. She panders and disingenuously countries it up. Mostly she earns and tends to her less than breadwinner progeny. She is not to be hated and her game has run its course. Perhaps she can repent and be reborn, phoenix like from the charcoal briquette ashes.