Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'Uptown Summer' chefs project to aid North Troy kids

Lecco Morris
TROY -- Lecco Morris, the new executive director of the Chefs' Consortium, is working with local organizations and chefs to create a new portion of "Uptown Summer," which he describes as "a five-week celebration of youth and sustainability."

The Chefs' Consortium is a Hudson Valley non-profit that educates communities about local food, using its member-chefs to showcase the bounty of the greater Hudson Valley and Capital Region. For this project Morris is looking for chefs to help make a difference.

"Uptown Summer" is aimed at making a difference in the lives of underserved children in North Troy. Unity House and The Sanctuary for Independent Media -- the latter is the venue for the multi-faceted summer program -- are local organizations that do a lot of outreach work in that neighborhood and are working together on the project.

"Uptown Summer" participants gain hands-on experience gardening in the Collard City Growers lot, fixing bikes and learning bike maintenance at Troy Bike Rescue, cooking and sharing food in “DIY SnackShops” at the garden and in the Sanctuary Kitchen, and documenting their experiences through digital storytelling and media production techniques with Youth Media Sanctuary. Overall, the program unites resources and connects the sites of these four community programs, all located within one block on 6th Avenue.

From July 8 through August 8, each Tuesday through Friday lunch will be served to children in the program, many of whom are not getting nutritious meals on a regular basis, according to Morris.

"We are looking for chefs interested in doing outreach work to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for these kids each of the 20 days," Morris said. "You're invited to e-mail me or call 256-2070 to get more information on this program or on the work we do supporting healthy, local and sustainable initiatives the all around the greater Hudson Valley.

"With the participation of chefs who care about their local community's health and vitality we can make a real difference in the region we call home," he added.

The Sanctuary is located at 3361 Sixth Avenue in North Troy (Lansingburgh). Phone: 272-2390.

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