Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ah, the Japanese always have all the fun

2 Kuro Burgers: The Pearl (l) and the Diamond.
While American fast food outlets regularly fiddle around with their burger creations, in Japan they seem to be eons ahead.

Japanese Burger King, for example, has just decided on a limited time offer (LTO) called The Kuro Burger.

If you're traveling in Japan this fall, the LTO will be available beginning Friday, September 19, through the end of November.

The gimmick: It's perched on a black bun, And topped with black cheese, and even black ketchup, all in keeping with its name ("kuro" is the Japanese word for "black").

The bread is colored with bamboo charcoal. The ketchup -– with onion and garlic in a soy sauce base -- is laced with squid ink to achieve the desired hue. The cheese slices also have bamboo charcoal for coloring. And, the four-ounce beef patties are made with black pepper.

The Kuro Pearl has the burger patty with cheese; the Kuro Diamond adds lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise -- the latter still white.

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