Monday, September 8, 2014

Ex-Yono's chef makes Saratoga Springs purchase

Danny Urschel
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Danny Urschel, whose cooking journeys have ranged from delis to haute cuisine, is becoming a chef-owner.

Urschel has purchased Mio Posto, a tiny yet well-thought-of venue, from Danny Petrosino. Petrosino put the restaurant up for sale when he signed up with moneyman Bill Donovan to become a partner and head chef of Maestro's at the Van Dam, located on the city's Broadway main thoroughfare.

The Mio Posto kitchen is not unfamiliar to Urschel, who has worked a number of stages there. When he takes over on Monday, September 22, the restaurant will offer dinner service Tuesday through Sunday through the end of the year. Then, it will be closed Sundays through spring before expanding to a six-day-a-week schedule in May. The purchase was reported on

Urschel is perhaps best known in culinary circles as a prominent member of Yono Purnomo's kitchen staff at several locations before moving to Crestwood Catering & Deli in 2011.

Mio Posto is located at 68 Putnam Street. It currently is closed for vacation, but will re-open on September 18 when Petrosino cooks there for his final weekend. Phone: 423-7022.

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