Friday, September 19, 2014

Latham restaurateur's adjacent building shut down

Closed building, Ala Shanghai in background.
From the Times Union
LATHAM -- Town of Colonie officials shuttered a two-story building this afternoon over what the town attorney described as horrendous code violations.

The building at 470 Troy-Schenectady Road houses apartments on the second floor where seven to 10 tenants live, said Town Attorney Michael Maggiulli. The first floor features One Step Beauty Shop and day-labor provider.

The building is owned by Kim Kee Chun, who also owns the neighboring Ala Shanghai Chinese Cuisine restaurant [at No. 468].
Go here for the full story.

Incidentally, the seized building is part of a three-structure complex sitting on a one-acre corner parcel that is being advertised this way:

"Building 1 is a restaurant 2,600 sq.ft., Rent $3,750.00. In Jan. rents are $4,000.00 per month +NN. 2nd Bldg. 4,000 sq.ft. retail,two businesses paying $2,700 in Jan. $3,000.00 (Grocery) Convenient Store paying $1.600 NNN. 3rd Bldg., 3 level retail bldg. school, medical, Pizza (currently closed) music teacher Gross rent $2,200.00.Apartment occupied by relative (no rent, 3 bedroom apartment)."

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