Friday, October 3, 2014

Price Chopper (sword)fish story a success and a bargain

Price Chopper Supermarkets has a limited time offer thanks to a great catch of swordfish by the fishing boat White Water plying the Grand Banks off Newfoundland: $7.99 a pound through this Sunday if supplies last that long. No rainchecks will be issued.

Lee E. French, vice president of seafood for Price Chopper, noted that Jim Flagel, captain of the White Water, is one of the main players in the success of the American fishing industry's effort to rebuild sustainable populations of swordfish.

The White Water's most recent swordfish catch was 447 fish. While they average about 230 pounds each, some are in excess of 500.

"Few people know of the significant sacrifices made by American swordfish fishermen to rebuild this stock in less than a decade," French said. "Rebuilding swordfish stocks is one of the great accomplishments of fishery management -- and important to the success of this food source.

" Swordfish is managed internationally by a number of fishing nations by quotas. For the past several years, the United States has not harvested its full North Atlantic swordfish quota. This is due in part to strict domestic management measures designed to help swordfish stocks rebuild. If the United States fails to catch its share of swordfish for a significant period, other countries can increase their quotas, and the U.S. share could be reduced."

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