Sunday, March 1, 2015

A hot dog isn't just a hot dog everywhere

Arizona's Sonoran-style hot dog.
My favorite hot dog sandwich is a comparatively simple construction: a grilled Nathan's all-beef dog, popped into a split potato-flour bun (lightly toasted if I'm not in a hurry), smeared with a country-style whole grain Dijon mustard, and topped with a healthy amount of chopped fresh red onion.

Eat. Repeat. Eat. At least that many times.

I share this earth shattering information because right now, thanks to a new Sunday post on The Daily Meal website, my mouth literally is watering at the thought of one or two, or three, of those divinely-spiced Nathan's dogs that evoke memories of Coney Island, childhood and good eats.

My style isn't everyone's, obviously. And that was underscored by The Daily Meal's roundup of regional references in hot dog preparation and presentation in a few different parts of America. You can find it by clicking here. Happy drooling.

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