Monday, November 30, 2015

41 Days of Drinks (day 10)

This is the latest entry in a daily feature that will run through New Year's Eve. To provide it, I combed through all sorts of sources -- my own archives, bar books, distillers' ideas, etc. -- even press releases from breathless PR people seeking to get their clients' products mentioned.

I passionately dislike the overuse of the word "ultimate." Rarely is it accurate. But, I do like like the content of "The Ultimate Book of Cocktails," Stuart Walton's 256-page tome first published in the UK by Hermes House in 2003.

Here is a particularly simple and tasty drink, an example of the simplicity of many of the recipes in this collection. But, beware. As with virtually any cocktail using a soft drink as a main component, one can down too many of these too easily. 


1½ parts vodka
1 part brown creme de cacao
1 part ice-cold Coca-Cola or other cola

Pour the alcohol into a rocks glass containing plenty of cracked fresh ice, stir vigorously, then add the cola and serve.

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