Sunday, December 27, 2015

41 Days of Drinks (day 38)

• This is the latest entry in a daily feature that is running through New Year's Eve. To provide it, I combed through all sorts of sources -- my own archives, bar books, distillers' ideas, etc. -- even press releases from breathless PR people seeking to get their clients' products mentioned.

There are drinks that have been around a long time that still bear the original name, but are made with recipes that have strayed far from the norm.

Take this one, quite popular with the younger crowd but usually served with more fruit and mixes than with various alcohols. In fact, many of the chain restaurants pass off drinks with very little discernible alcohol in the concoction. That may help their revenue stream, but it does nothing for authenticity and consumer satisfaction.


This drink dates back to Prohibition when it often was served in a cup to make any law enforcement types who might be checking think it was a fruit juice drink. Beware! It packs quite a punch.

2 measures vodka
1 measure gin
1 measure blanco tequila
1 measure white rum
½ measure white creme de menthe
2 measures freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon simple syrup
Coca-Cola or other cola drink
Wedge of lemon, or lime, or both

Put the vodka, gin, tequila, rum, creme de menthe, lemon juice, and simple syrup into a shaker with ice cubes. Shake vigorously until shaker is frosted. Strain into an ice-filled tall glass and top with cola. Garnish with the citrus wedge(s).

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