Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Beer (and chili) aplenty at Schenectady events

SCHENECTADY -- If you can't find a beer you like in town this week, you're not really trying. Two events from the America On Tap organization that sets up beer, cider, and other "festivals" around the country are on the schedule.

The first is the "Schenectady County Chili Chowdown," set for Friday. It has 10 -- or maybe 11 -- restaurants offering samplings of their specialty chili concoctions, paired with a variety of beers.

There is some question about the number of participants because, as usually is the case with America On Tap events, different announcements have different information. Its announcement on the official Schenectady County website lists 11 establishments, but its online tickets  ($15 per) site lists 10, omitting the Apostrophe Cafe inside the Proctors entertainment complex.

The larger list of participants (event hours are 5 to 10 p.m. unless otherwise indicated):

• Apostrophe Cafe & Lounge, inside Proctors, featuring its Signature Chili and Mad Jack Brewing.
• Hunter's On Jay, 50 North Jay Street, featuring Founders Brewing and Backwoods Bastard Chili; $5 16-ounce pints.
• Centre Street Pub, 308 Union Street, featuring Goose Island.
• Pinhead Susan's, 38-40 Broadway, featuring Three's a Charm Chili and Kuka Brewing.
• Katie O'Byrnes Irish Pub (6 to 8 p.m.), 121 Wall Street, featuring Cowboy Chili and Davidson Brothers Brewing, $5 16-ounce pints.
• Nico's Pizzeria (8 to 10 p.m.), 441 State Street, featuring Shipwreck Chili made with Shipyard Beer, $4 pints.
• Backstage Pub & Grill, 501 Smith Street, featuring Un-Common Chili and Un-Common Brewing.
• Bombers Burrito Bar, 447 State Street, featuring Veggie Chili and Upstate Brewing Company.
• Wolff's Biergarten, 165 Erie Boulevard, featuring Shmaltz Brewing.
• Johnny's (7 to 9 p.m.), 433 State Street, featuring Johnny;s Famous Chili and Peak Organic, $6 pints.
• Mexican Radio, 325 State Street, featuring chili con carne and Paradox Brewing.

Tickets are on sale now at $40, with $60 VIP tickets offering an extra hour of tasting.

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