Monday, December 21, 2015

Eureka! Prohibition ends in Sullivan County

Eureka Market & Café
The origin of the name of the Sullivan County Town of Neversink is in doubt, but there are some curious historical facts that are known about the community of about 3,500:

• It was created in 1798.

• That makes it nine years older than the county in which its sits.

• It moved to its present location in 1828 when its original location was seized by eminent domain to allow creation of the Neversink Reservoir to help supply New York City with drinking water.

• Prohibition ended there last Thursday.

The first legal drink in 80 years, a bottle of Trout Town Eagle IPA from the Roscoe Beer Company, was poured by Jennifer Grimes, owner of the Eureka Market & Café, and consumed by local resident Kenny Curry as a small crowd of 20 or so people applauded.

The ceremonial drink was a result of the passage of two propositions in the November election that did away with the town's dry laws. The voters' decision allows beer, wine and liquor sales in restaurants and package stores.

Grimes submitted her application for a liquor license the day after the vote passed. She received it several days ago, the beer truck brought supplies last Wednesday, and the wine arrived around lunch time Thursday. The first drinks were served at 3 p.m. that day.

Grimes announced on her website, "After an 80-year ban on the sale of alcohol in the Town of Neversink, Eureka Market & Café now has its liquor license and is serving wine and beer in the cafe and selling a variety of national and local craft beers to go. And, we’re looking to wrap up the year by hosting an historic 'End of Prohibition' New Year’s Eve celebration. The holidays are about gathering with friends and family, and we hope you’ll include Eureka in your festivities."

According to a story by the Middletown Times-Herald Record, "Curry was a fitting choice for the first to be served a beer because his father is thought to be one of the last to order a beer at a bar in Neversink, and Curry built the cafe’s building. His wife ran a restaurant called Carol’s Kitchen, and Curry ran an auto shop in the section of the building that now houses the beer coolers."

The Eureka is located at 7991 Route 55 in the hamlet of Grahamsville. Phone: 845-985-5152. The Roscoe Beer Company is located at 146 Rockland Road in Roscoe. Phone: 607-290-5002.

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