Monday, December 7, 2015

Food line will continue when Burlington icon closes

BURLINGTON, VT -- Back in September, I wrote about the imminent closing of a downtown restaurant after 74 years in business.

That establishment is Bove's Restaurant, which will close after service on December 23. But, according to an announcement today, the Bove family isn't leaving the food business.

Mark Bove said at a news conference at the restaurant today on the anniversary of its founding that the family has begun work building a 15,000-square-foot production facility near Interstate 89 in Milton next year. Meanwhile, Bove's popular line of eight different sauces will continue to be made under contract in Youngstown, OH. Its retail versions of lasagna and meatballs already are made locally, in Shelburne.

"We are thrilled, absolutely thrilled, to make this long-term investment in the state where we started, making all of our memories here," Bove said. "We're embracing all of our customers, future, present and past, with this next chapter."

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