Saturday, December 5, 2015

Glens Falls wine bar about to bite the dust

GLENS FALLS -- Well, that didn't last long. The Rare Earth Wine Bar that opened in January of 2013 will  close at the end of the month, just short of its second anniversary.

Today is its last day of full meal service. In its waning days, Rare Earth will offer only tapas items plus drinks on its usual Tuesday through Saturday schedule.

The venture is one from Paul Parker (chef-owner of the now-defunct Chez Sophie in Saratoga Springs) and business partner Michael Belanger.

In a news release posted on the establishment's Facebook page, Belanger said, "Paul and I ... are planning to close the restaurant at its current location. While a more affordable location is being sought in the area there is no confirmed plan in place to relocate the business. The space will be taken over by Raul’s Mexican Grill" which is located next door.

"We have contributed over $30,000 in charitable giving and well over three-quarters of a million dollars in direct wages and other spending in Glens Falls. Would that we could do more, but in our time we have not made one penny of profit and it's simply time to throw in the towel."

Rare Earth began as a no-tipping operation, with patrons ordering food and drinks via iPads from their tables. That did not go over well with customers, so the partners reverted to the standard style of ordering, payment and tipping. Obviously, that did not work, either. In his lengthy first-person news release, Belanger said, "To our customers, all of them, thanks for giving us a try. We appreciate your leap of faith and willingness to try something new and different. For those of you who 'got it,' and there were many even if not quite enough, we will miss you, miss the friendships we started and the shared concern for our community and it’s well being."

Rare Earth is located at 164 Glen Street. Phone: 409-8055.

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