Thursday, December 17, 2015

Original Sin Cider to mark 20 years, sort of

An Original Sin poster
After 20 years, even Original Sin can change its ways. Original Sin Cider, that is.

The New York-made cider is marking its 20th anniversary with the release of  its first canned product, called Original Sin Extra Dry Cider. It is made with only New York State apples, and is rated at 5.5% ABV with minimal residual sugar.

Original Sin founder Gidon Coll says he experimented with a wide range of New York State apple varieties to develop this distinctive blend. What resulted is a blend of Ida Red, MacIntosh, Jonagold, and several russeted apples.

OK, so that's the company line. But, a few curiosities should be noted.

First of all, the company’s website says it was founded in1997. So, basic math says 2016 will not be its 20th anniversary. Upon inquiring, I was told that experimental batches actually were created in 1996, and that the date on the website will be changed.

And, the initial rollout of the new product — on January 10 as a four-pack with 16-ounce cans at a suggested retail price of $10.49 — will not be available in its home state. At first, it will be available only in Washington, DC, and in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina. In April 2016, it will be rolled out in New York and 30 other states. The reason for that, I’m told, is that “The NY state approval for the label takes a couple of months longer to obtain than other states."

New York native Coll got his first major recognition in an error-riddled New York Times story about his use of Newtown Pippin heirloom apples while working his craft in Oregon. Today, Original Sin is made only with New York apples and is headquartered at 817 Broadway in Manhattan. Phone: 646-344-1087.

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