Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tax situation isn't dandy for Saratoga Springs company

As reported on December 1, the Plum Dandy frozen yogurt company has scaled back to its operations by closing its Troy and Malta shops.

That action left the company with two locations, the original Plum Dandy at 419 Broadway and Plum Dandy Cookies & Milk at 55 Railroad Place, both in Saratoga Springs.

Now comes word that those places have had more than $27,000 in state tax warrants filed against them. Plum Dandy owes $19,046 and Plum Dandy Cookies & Milk owes $8,313, all of it for 2014 and 2015 quarterly tax returns, according to information published in today's Times Union.

Incidentally, Plum Dandy's website continues to list its now-closed locations.

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