Thursday, December 3, 2015

Troy indoor golf/sports bar reopens as Ironwoods

TROY -- It's tee time, or beer time if you prefer, or even both. The former OptiGolf facility in the City Station complex at 1521 6th Avenue has reopened as Ironwoods Sports Bar & Indoor Golf.

The new owners are the Troy developer Jeff Buell and his brother Josh Buell. They purchased the assets of OptiGolf from Mark Wekara, who owns several other such businesses in other cities, and have reinstated both the golfing and bar services.

Wekara's Syracuse venue, however, was shut down earlier this week over nonpayment of taxes. Wekara told local media there that he plans to pay the tax bill and reopen, but also is considering returning to his native Australia.

For those not familiar with indoor golf, it is played with real clubs and golf balls but players hit toward a projected image of a golf course. A computer program tracks the swing and how the ball is hit and decides the flight and landing spot of the ball. Golfers can play at any of seven stations and select a golf course from numerous options around the world.

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