Monday, December 7, 2015

What happened to the Vermont Foodie-Go-Round?

Earlier this year, we began a Vermont edition of our popular news-briefs roundup "Today's Ride on the Capital Region Foodie-Go-Round."

So, where is it? That's what a number of readers have asked since it hasn't appeared here in recent weeks.

The answer is simple. There was so much information available to post on it, and our visitor-count meter said it was getting lots of hits, that we created a Facebook page especially for the Vermont edition. Not only can we post original Vermont-centric content on it, we can mix in a variety of news, features, and guides that transcend state borders. Much more thorough and convenient for all, and the visitor count is encouraging.

If you want to visit that new edition, simply go to the "Tasty Links" listing on the righthand side of this blog and click on "Vermont Foodie-Go-Round."

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