Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dining with a view, sometimes spectacular ones

The restaurant Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower
I recently wrote about the impending reopening of the onetime Sign of the Tree restaurant space at Albany's Empire State Plaza. One of the more interesting things about that space is its views -- one side looking out at the skating rink, the other offering a view down toward the Hudson River. That got me to thinking about some of the other views I've seen from restaurants in my travels, from simply pleasing to spectacular.

The bustle of Manhattan down below seen from Windows On the World on the 107th floor before the fall of the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

The manicured PGA golf course at fabled Pebble Beach Country Club in California.

A Gulf of Mexico sunset from Shephard's Waterfront Restaurant in Clearwater Beach, FL.

The sparkling waters of the mountain-ringed English Harbour from the deck of the Admiral's Inn on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

A mist-shrouded beach behind a stone seawall seen from the cozy Quilty Tavern in County Clare in the west of Ireland.

Rolling fields of wine grapes from the Winstub in the town of Itterswiller in  France's Alsace region.

But, that's just me. I'm sure you have a few of your own. The website does. It has a collection of what it breathlessly calls "26 international restaurants with INSANELY gorgeous views." While I don't agree with the hyped style of the text, I certainly agree that the views are worth a moment of your time. Go here to enjoy.

Go here for the Capital Region Food & Drink Events Calendar.

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