Friday, January 1, 2016

Who's reading what on the Capital Region Brew Trail blog

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One of my numerous blogs on beverage and food topics is the Capital Region Brew Trail that I created about 2½ years ago. It is visited by, on average, about 4,000 times a month. Not bad for a niche site.

On that blog, I try to provide a wide range of beer topics, including domestic (things I've written) and imported (links to other sources) posts alike. The readership results often prove interesting, even puzzling, so I've begun a monthly review of most-read items as a guide to making content decisions.

Curiously, for December 2015, the most-read posting wasn't a news item or feature story. It was a simple save-the-date notice for a craft beverage and food event that recorded about three times the number of reader views as the second most-read item.

Here's the top five rundown. An asterisk preceding the headline means it's an imported item.

1. Save the date: Craft beverage and food event

2. Counting beer calories = potential for confusion, cost

3. 41 Days of Drinks (New Year’s Eve edition, early)

4. New Saratoga cocktail spot to guarantee seating

5. * Why do bubbles in ‘the black stuff’ go down instead of up?

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