Thursday, February 4, 2016

Last of the Mingles bites the dust

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- If you want to Mingle, it's going to be difficult. The second of two restaurants incorporating that name has closed.

Mingle On the Avenue, which operated for about 1½ years in the Pavilion Grand Hotel at 30 Lake Avenue, officially closed on Sunday. The original Mingle's closed its Albany location last April after just 3½ years.  In a statement released to media, the hotel's owners said, "We are working to establish a new restaurant concept for this space which will serve the needs of our valued guests.”

The brief history of Mingle has been at best tumultous. Brian Bowden, the founding chef at the Saratoga venue, left less than a year into the venture. Owner Jose Filomeno's mother, the locally well-known chef Un-Hui Filomeno who had been head chef at the Albany location, took over the kitchen.

In her new role, Filomeno worked with Brady Dillon who had joined the restaurant after leaving his role as head chef at The Merry Monk. However, he quickly departed to become sous chef at the new Hamlet & Ghost cocktail venue co-owned by his brother, Brendan Dillon, at 24 Caroline Street.

The Filomenos had worked together at the restaurant Avenue A, and she also had worked at The Ginger Man, both in Albany.

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Go here for the Capital Region Food & Drink Events Calendar.

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