Friday, January 20, 2017

At Amorici Vineyards, love is in the air -- and on the menu

Owner/winemaker Joe Messina enjoying the non-winter months.
I usually have an aversion to using news releases verbatim. Undoubtedly a throwback to my many decades of journalism during which I was encouraged to nourish a desire to remove hype and adjectives from such communications unless I had personal knowledge of their accuracy.

But, that was then and this is now. So, I can bend the rules a bit. And, sometimes I like to do that for people who send me their hype if it's clever and well written. Take this seasonal item from owner/winemaker/romantic Joe Messina at Amorici Vineyards, located at 637 Colonel Burch Road in Valley Falls, on the border of Washington and Rensselaer counties.

I included his overwrought exclamation points and all, but with a tiny bit of editing for form. Pay attention to the final sentence. I wonder if the author isn't responsible, who is? Nevertheless, you gotta love his rhetoric.

Amorici Valentines Romantic Food and Wine Creations
Select menu available 2/10/17 – 2/14/17
Reservation with Entrée and Soup choice required
In the beginning there was sun, then moon then day then night! ... .Then,  Amorici Romance!

Amorici research has shown the following offerings enhance romantic encounters and opportunity!

Welcome enticement: Amorici Love Potion to share
An Amorici original created especially for your pleasure with Hibiscus Flowers and Prosecco. The color of love! We accept no responsibility for personal enhancement that will result!
A variety of tastes to tempt your palate,  Smoked Salmon Crostini, Clam Casino, Olive Tapenade and Sun Dried Tomato Crostini, Stuffed Mushroom.

Soup (choice of one)
Oyster Aphrodisiac Stew or Passionate Traditional Onion (Vegetarian)

Mixed Field Greens with House Yuzu dressing


Love me Tenderloin - $ 50  
  • Prime beef tenderloin medallions grilled with organic oyster mushrooms, winter truffles, and Cabernet Franc wine reduction. (PS:  Truffles have long been considered aphrodisiac. the essence will take you there!)
Turf loves Surf -  $ 50 
  • Turf joins Surf in this passionate dish. Love me Tenderloin Medallion with Cabernet Franc wine reduction paired with butter poached Maine lobster Tail           
Maine Lobster Tails - $ 50 
  • Prepared with love as you like - Broiled, Poached, or Scampi.
North Atlantic Cod - $ 40  
  • Baked a la Neapolitan, boneless skinless cod filet with lots of omega 3. (Did you wonder why Neapolitans had large families? Grandma made them take cod liver oil! 

Chicken Fricassee  - $ 40  
  • Natural Chicken Thigh with garlic, leaks, carrots, mushrooms simmered in Amorici Cayuga wine with added heavy cream.  

Neapolitan Vegetarian Lasagna  - $ 40  
  • A holiday tradition with layers of colorful vegetables Lasagna to warm your heart

Vegetarian Medley - $ 40  
  • Vegetarian Medley plus spicy meatless meatballs, Spices keep the love alive!
Paella - $60  
  • Traditional Spanish Seafood medley with chicken, sausage and olives simmered in seafood broth.(Truly a dish of love ... )
**All entrees served with a ratatouille flare, winter truffled mash potatoes, Asian sautéed Kale, Red Rice Pilaf

Dessert Medley - Passion fruit enhanced Fruit Compote, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, and Ricotta Cheesecake

Coffee, tea, Grappa an Amorici Digestif to keep the passion blazing.
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