Monday, January 2, 2017

Doing the people's business, unintelligibly

I make a practice of regularly checking meeting minutes made available online by various local municipalities to look for notes on developments regarding eating and drinking establishments.

Some minutes are updated regularly, as they should be since they are a public record of the public's business. (Thank you, for example, Town of East Greenbush.) Some regularly are months behind and even calling it to the board's attention doesn't result in any better reporting. (Are you listening City of Troy, no matter which administration is in charge?)

In addition, some run the gamut of communications skills from professional to comical. This is an example of the latter, excerpted verbatim from the minutes of a recent meeting of the Town of  North Greenbush Planning Board. It deals with a public hearing on a derelict building opposite Hudson Valley Community College:
"Mr. Laskey stated he saw a squatter there and it appeared he is staying there and cooking there. Chairman Lacivita asked the owner to ensure the property is fully secured. He also would like to get the clam bar. Chairman Lacivita stated possibly the owner can work with him."
Good luck with that clam bar. Maybe the squatter can get a job there as a line cook?
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