Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Here's an advance look at Trump's inaugural lunch

Trump often is a casual eater
What will Donald Trump and other guests be eating at the traditional luncheon to be hosted on Friday by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies?

The menu calls for Maine lobster and Gulf shrimp with saffron sauce and peanut crumble, grilled Black Angus beef in dark chocolate and juniper jus with potato gratin, and chocolate soufflé and cherry vanilla ice cream. Plus, several inexpensive California wines. (Trump does not drink.)

Notes the website Grub Street, "The menu -- which Trump likely had nothing to do with -- is actually not so different from [President Barack] Obama’s inaugural meals, which included seafood stew, pheasant and duck, and apple-cinnamon sponge cake in 2009, and steamed lobster, grilled bison, and Hudson Valley apple pie in 2013."

The first such luncheon was held in 1953, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower was served creamed chicken, baked ham and potato puffs in the Capitol's Old Senate Chamber. After a lifetime of eating military mess hall food, he probably didn't mind.

Organizers for this week's meal say they expect about 200 guests to join the new president in Statuary Hall for the event, including members of the Supreme Court and Cabinet nominees. No word on whether any of the petulant Democrats who say they will boycott the swearing-in will belly up to the taxpayer-funded trough for the free meal in true congressional tradition.

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