Thursday, March 30, 2017

Update: Crown Grill's final days this week in Saratoga

Scott Brankman
UPDATE 2 (3/30/17): The Crown Grill, which has been in operation since 2013, will end its run after service this Saturday, according to owners Colin and Christel MacLain. They will continue to operate the adjacent Circus Cafe. As I reported earlier, the Crown Grill will be succeeded at a date yet to be announced as the Braeburn Tavern under new owners Scott Brankman and Emily Farnsworth-Brankman who recently closed their Marblehead, MA, restaurant to move to Saratoga.

UPDATE (2/12/17): Two Massachusetts restaurateurs with local ties are in the process of purchasing The Crown Grill, located at 390 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. When they reopen it under their ownership some time in the spring, it will be under the name Braeburn Tavern.

(Originally published 1/26/17)

In the grand days of the British Empire, the term "Jack Tar" was used to refer to seamen in the Royal Navy or merchant fleet. (Those who like Gilbert & Sullivan may recall the song "A British Tar" in their operetta "HMS Pinafore.")

So, for something so very British, it's interesting that a Marblehead, MA, pub called Jack Tar also appends the phrase "American tavern" to its name. We'll see how that translates when its owners sell the spot and move their business to Saratoga Springs, as they announced this week.

Owners Scott Brankman, who studied culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University, and Emily Farnsworth-Brankman, who runs the front of the house, said in their announcement, which does not give a location for their projected Saratoga venture:

" ... (I)t is time for us to move home to New York. We are relocating to Saratoga Springs where we will be opening a new restaurant. It is an exciting change that we have been looking forward to. As well as being closer to our family & the friends we grew up with, we are fortunate to be taking the next step in our career together. We will keep you all updated about our new spot once we are settled in."

If they plan to replicate their Massachusetts restaurant here, do not expect anything particularly British on the menu despite the name. (Their current menu runs along the familiar casual tavern fare, and even their Jack Tar Burger lists "Vermont cheddar and New Hampshire bacon" among its toppings.) The food is described this way: "Chef Scott's seasonal menus specialize in American cuisine, drawing influences from his experiences in kitchens from New York to Colorado to Southern California."

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