Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Oneonta restaurateur wants a statewide presence

Could a restaurateur from Egypt who recently sold off his operation in Belgium and opened one in Oneonta have an eye on an eventual Capital Region presence?

Convoluted as that may sound, Tamer Morsey opened the Star Mix Grill at 381 Chestnut Street in Oneonta's West End two weeks ago, and isn't done yet.

 “I had the same restaurant in Egypt and in Belgium," he told the Oneonta Star. He said he recently sold the Belgian venue, but that his original remains in business in Egypt. He explored a variety of regions around the U.S. before selecting Oneonta, which he said reminded him of the smaller European cities he prefers to major metro areas.

“I was looking to open a restaurant and I found Oneonta," he said. "I find it almost exactly like Europe. Oneonta is very good.” Next, he'll be looking to open other venues Upstate once he's on a solid footing with his new spot.

Star Mix Grill, a casual spot that will add outdoor seating in the spring, certainly is well named, at least the "mix" part of the name. Given his Egyptian heritage, it leans heavily on such Mediterranean fare as gyros, falafel, kafta, hummus and shwarmas. But, it includes the sorts of U.S. pub food he hopes will resonate with students when they return from holiday break to SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College -- wings, pastas, onion rings, fries, and the like.

From Oneonta, Morsy said, he hopes in time to expand at least statewide. “I have to always keep growing up,” he said in the interview, adding that it is his goal to open “more branches -- everywhere.”

You can get a look at the Star Mix Grill menu here.
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