Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Well, goodbye Dali

Dali Mamma, a café that began in Cohoes then operated in Albany during its brief five-year run, has closed.

Owner Katrin Haldeman explained her decision to shutter the 41 State Street venue in a very lengthy "open letter and fond farewell" Facebook posting. Here is some of it:

 "Often when a business closes there is talk of failure, talk of defeat. However, when I look at the past five years, I look lovingly on all of the spectacular experiences I have had and that I have shared with thousands, literally thousands of people. I have had the great privilege of cooking for and knowing all of you and I would not change a thing.

" ... Ellie Markovitch is the most amazing person, let alone chef, that I know. Her commitment to all things good made our kitchen warm and wise. ... Not only had I been so fortunate to have had the most amazing people to work with over the last five years, but I have had the most exceptional family who have cheered me on for more than 40 years. So, to my family, with all my love and thanks,  please know that every single one of you inspired me every day to bring the best part of myself to the Mamma. You all were my driving force and I could not have even dreamed this dream if not for all of you."
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