Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Au Bon Pain adds spring items to menu

The Au Bon Pain cafe bakery chain, which has three of its Capital Region locations in Albany's Empire State Plaza, today unveiled several new menu items for spring.

Its goal is to provide a healthier set of choices. Among them, a new sprouted grain roll  available with the Signature Farmhouse Omelet breakfast sandwich and Turkey Swiss BLT, as well as the nostalgia-inspired Strawberry Bon Tart.The menu will be available through June 12.

“As Au Bon Pain continues to create our own unique twists to our seasonal menus, we always keep it top of mind our customers want options that make them feel good, whether it’s something fresh and healthy or buttery and indulgent,” says executive chef, Katherine See. “We strive to create a balance in our caf├ęs, starting with high-quality ingredients for nutritious and well-balanced meals, but we also know no one wants to live on greens alone, so we’re having fun with items that can satisfy a sweet tooth as well."

In addition to the Albany locations, open weekdays only, Au Bon Pain also has a venue in the Glens Falls Hospital.
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