Thursday, March 9, 2017

Coletto 'popping up' in Peck's Arcade dinner series

Josh Coletto
Chef Josh Coletto earned positive comments and expanded his following with his "Rock 'n' Roll Brunch" pop-up series at The Low Beat in Albany. Now, he's moving across the Hudson River for something new.

His new project is the "Repas en Famille Sunday Family Meal Series, vol. 1."

Coletto, who tells me he recently purchased a house in Troy, will be creating the series of family-style dinner at Peck's Arcade in downtown Troy with fellow chef Michael Lapi. Their first offering will be served at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 9.

As Coletto describes it, "Bountiful platters of food will come to the table, to be shared between friends. Wine is included and will be aplenty. We hope to bring people of the community together to share and enjoy the beautiful foods of the Hudson Valley. "

The initial menu:
Round 1
house-made breads, Cow Bella butter
green salad
lentil salad
housemade pickles
traditional charcuterie

Round 2
mussels in cider
anchovy tart
beef heart tartar

Round 3
local roasted pork with sauce Robert
vichy carrots
Swiss chard tart
Tartiflette of potatoes, bacon, raclette

Round 4
local cheeses
French-style pastries
Reservations, available online, are priced at $130.37, which includes food, drink, tip and reservation charge.

Peck's Arcade is located at 217 Broadway in Troy. Phone: (518) 326-3450.
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