Thursday, March 30, 2017

McDonald's switching to fresh beef ... for one burger ... in 2018

A fresh Quarter Pounder (photo provided)
If you watch any TV you probably have seen those ubiquitous Wendy's ads touting the fact that the chain does not use frozen beef to make its burgers. Apparently, McDonald's officials have, too.

The fast-food chain today announced it will cease using frozen beef patties -- well, for its Quarter Pounders. Everything else will stay as is. And, it will take a while just to make that one change.

The announcement explained that sometime in 2018 employees will begin cooking Quarter Pounders to order and use fresh beef, a change from its 40-year practice. However, the change will not be effective at McDonald's restaurants in Alaska, Hawaii and in airports.

To make this momentous decision, the chain actually spent a year testing fresh beef Quarter Pounders at more than 400 restaurants in Dallas and Tulsa before deciding to expand the practice.

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