Thursday, April 27, 2017

FDA may have postponed menu labeling requirements

From Restaurant Business Online
The [federal] Food and Drug Administration is pushing back enforcement of menu labeling requirements for chain restaurants and retailers from the scheduled start day of May 5, according to a group lobbying for a delay.

NACS, an association for convenience stores and gas stations, said the FDA revealed its intent to postpone the rules in a government filing that has yet to be made public on a broad basis. The group did not say when the FDA intends to start enforcement, or why it decided on the delay. NACS' assessment could not be confirmed.

The documents it cited are listed as not yet published on government websites. The trade group was the only party reporting a delay, as of this posting.

The mandate for chain restaurants to reveal nutritional information on their menu boards is part of the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare]. ...  Menu labeling, as spelled out in the ACA, is favored by the National Restaurant Association and other industry groups as a preferable alternative to a hodgepodge of local and state nutrition disclosure requirements.
Go here for details of the FDA requirement.

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