Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Berkshires restaurateur opens in new Lenox location

Leenie's Paninis and More (photo provided)
Dareleen Zradi's Sullivan Street Station in downtown Lee, MA, is no more, but she's now open for business with a new restaurant at a new location.

Leenie's Paninis and More is operating at 17 Franklin Street in Lenox, offering a menu of specialty tapas, sandwiches and salads served indoors and on the patio.

To help get people used to the new venue, Zradi is offering special Tanglewood lunch and dinner basket service during the nearby music venue's summer season.

Zradi owned the Sullivan Street Station restaurant from 2011 until she closed it in January. She said the 124-year-old wooden former railroad depot required too many renovations to continue as a restaurant, and the asking price to buy it was too high for her. Thus, the move to Lenox.

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