Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kitchen-in-a-box shipped to new Saratoga restaurant

A made-to-order restaurant kitchen arrives.  (DigitalFirstMedia photo)
• From The Saratogian
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Chef Julia Sanzen was thrilled Thursday when her custom kitchen arrived from Canada. The kitchen, inside a steel shipping container, traveled hundreds of miles by tractor trailer before being installed in its new permanent home at 35 Maple Avenue in downtown ...

This kitchen will be the heart of new eatery, Farmers Hardware, a fast-casual breakfast and brunch spot to be opened in mid-June by co-founders Sanzen and Tyler Russell.

The Maple Avenue location, a large three-story brick building most recently used as a bike shop and a garden store, doesn’t have a kitchen or the capacity to house one, Sanzen said. “So, we literally thought outside the box by building a custom, commercial kitchen inside of a steel shipping container.”
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