Sunday, May 21, 2017

Report: NYC restaurants are cleaning up their act

NYC Health Department grades
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New York City restaurants are making the grade when it comes to cleanliness and safety and experts say patrons are responsible for getting eateries on the right track.

About 93% of the 24,000 city restaurants earned an "A" rating in the Department of Health’s report card in the latest data from 2017, compared with 83% of restaurants that got the mark in 2011, a year after the report card system launched.

Various health violations have seen concurrent sharp declines, including roaches, mice and salmonella cases, the latter of which have dropped 32% overall since 2010, according to the Health Department.

The city credited the grading system with pushing restaurant owners to keep closer tabs on the conditions of their kitchens, while experts say the initiative has spurred an increased level of awareness among customers, who demand the best health standards.
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