Saturday, May 20, 2017

Update: Lark + Lily's final day set for May 26

Danny Urschel
Sylvia Lilly
UPDATE (5/20/17): The Lark & Lily Wine Bar & Kitchen on downtown Albany's Lark Street has set its final day as next Friday (May 26). Owner Silvia Lilly has sold the business to chef Danny Urschel, who in early June will reopen it under the Mio Posto name he used for a Saratoga spot that was destroyed by fire last year.

(Original post of 4/7/17) 

Mio Posto to remerge in new city,
in place of Lark + Lily

This a tale of two restaurants with a definite twist. Or two.

Mio Posto, which Danny Urschel had owned for about two years before it was destroyed by a fire last Thanksgiving that also wreaked havoc on several adjoining restaurants in Saratoga Springs, will be reopening, although not in Saratoga.

The Lark + Lily Wine Bar & Kitchen on Albany's Lark Street, which Silvia Lilly created after purchasing what had been The Wine Bar and Bistro On Lark, will disappear before it even reaches its second anniversary. Here's the deal, as reported on the Times Union's Table Hopping blog:

Danny Urschel, who has said he would reopen Mio Posto but wasn't sure where, says he has reached an agreement with Lily to take over her restaurant and rename it Mio Posto. With 44 seats, it would double the seating capacity of the original Mio Posto. Lily was quoted as saying that she wanted to simplify things a bit since she also has a fulltime job as a school librarian and is mother to three teenagers. This was her first venture as a restaurant owner although she has a long history of working as a server. At one time, she and Urschel worked together at Yono's. The changeover is expected to be completed by about June 1. Lark + Lily, located at 200 Lark Street, will continue to operate until the ownership change is competed.

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