Monday, May 1, 2017

Update: Tighe reacts to loss of intended bistro venue

340 Hamiton Street (Coldwell Banker photo)
UPDATE (5/1/17): Kevin Tighe, who had been working since last year on a plan to open Tighe's Bistro Americain on Hamilton Street in Albany, is going back to the drawing boards after it was reported that the building owner has put the premises back on the market. 

As Tighe told me today, "The purchase contract expired before all the terms could be met. Someone else mentioned to me that the building was back on the market, but I don't know any of those details. I'm also not sure what I'll do next. I'm very disappointed, but haven't had enough time to plan my future. Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again ... I guess."
Kevin Tighe

Tighe's project has had a lot of ups and downs, but mostly downs. As I reported right after Thanksgiving 2016, "he originally projected an opening sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today (November 28), Tighe updated the status, telling me, 'I only wish it was my decision. Unfortunately, at this point we’re doing our best to work our way through the bureaucracy. We’ll get through it, but the exact time is outside our control. Realistically, we’re hoping to close the real estate deal by mid-January 2017 and be open to the public within 30 days of deed transfer.” 

(Originally published 4/28/17)

Ever since longtime local barman Kevin Tighe announced last year he planned to open a French country restaurant in downtown Albany, I have been keeping tabs on the project. The last few times I asked him about a progress report, he replied that things were coming along but bureaucratic hurdles were slowing the pace of what he calls Tighe’s Bistro Americain.

Now comes word via the Times Union that the venue, 340 Hamilton Street, has been put back on the market by owner Lynn Beaumont, who also owns the nearby Cheesecake Machismo bakery. According to the TU, the deal with Tighe fell through and a new buyer is being sought.

I reached out to Tighe for comment and explanation, and am awaiting a response.

Over the years, the Hamilton Street building with its secluded rear courtyard has been home to various businesses, ranging from the Unlimited Feast restaurant to Mezzo Marketplace & Eatery.

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